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Hunters (Lekgolo)

Hunters are large, and heavily armored units, with Fuel Rod Guns molded into the armor around their right arms, and huge metallic shields that double as a melee weapons on their left.

In Halo 1, a Hunter could be killed by a single sniper or pistol shot to the vulnerable orange fleshy areas that were easy to hit when Hunters were relaxed and standing at their full height, or when their backs were exposed after a melee strike. Word is they will be harder to deal with in Halo 2.

Hunters always travel in pairs.

The Halo 2 manual indicates Hunters are actually composed of more than one creature living inside the armor forming a hive organism.

Brutes (Jiralhanae)

Brutes (Jiralhanae) Taller and stronger than Elites, Brutes function as ceremonial guards in Covenant society. Although many sites have reported that they are guards specifically for Prophets, this seems to be incorrect. At the conclusion of First Strike by Eric Nylund, the Brute called Tartarus gives the last three remaining fragments of the Forerunner artifact from Reach to the Prophet of Truth. The Prophet's 300 Elite bodyguards are surprised, indicating that usually it is the Elites that sit close to the Prophets. Brutes are big, strong, hairy, apelike, and carry a grenade launcher called a Brute Shot that has a large blade on the butt for melee attacks. The Halo 2 manual says that Brutes fight in packs.

SpecOps Elite

SpecOps Elite Special Ops Elites in Halo 1 were the toughest, fastest and strongest of the Elite variations in Halo 1. They used plasma grenades accurately and often would dodge grenades used against them most of the time and could survive a direct hit from a rocket launcher at point blank range. In Halo 2 it seems there may be more variations on the SpecOps Elite, as some have been seen in various colors (black or white) and carrying different weapons. Some may carry plasma swords, like the Gold elites of Halo 1, while others, like this example, might carry Carbines or Beam Rifles.


Prophet The spiritual and political leaders of the Covenant are the Prophets, with their hovering chairs and their elaborate headdresses. They are guarded by Elites and, although not as physically imposing as them, are supposed to possess deadly and "unique" attacks. At one point Bungie mentioned the possibility of being able to distinguish individual Prophets from one another by their headdresses. Prophets may have specialized, individual roles in Covenant society. At least two specific prophets have been mentioned in various places: the Prophet of Truth and the Prophet of Regret. The Halo 2 manual says their significance is "administrative or religious in nature" and notes they have never been seen on a battlefield, and never captured or killed.

Elite Minor (Sangheili)

Elite Minor (Sangheili) The Elite Minor, or blue Elite, is the weaker and more common version. This one is armed with a Carbine, the rough equivalent of the Battle Rifle, and probably more dangerous than Halo 1's standard weapon for the Elite Minor, which was a plasma rifle. In Halo 1, Elites also sometimes used needlers and plasma grenades. Elites have full body rechargeable shields that deflect energy and projectile weapons. Like the Jackal's armband shield, however, it can be completely drained by an alt-fire charge from the plasma pistol, leaving him open to damage from other weapons. When an Elite's shields are drained, he will generally seek cover. When his health becomes low, he will charge you in a suicide manuever. When near you, they will usually attempt a melee attack. Sangheili refers to all Elites, not just Minor ones.

Jackals (Kig yar)

Jackals (Kig yar) In Halo 1, Jackals only carried plasma pistols, but as you can see from this shot, in Halo 2 they wield other weapons, including plasma rifles and possibly even needlers. The armband shields they carry are not as effective as the full body shields used by Elites, but they will deflect most projectile weapons and are even good against plasma rifles. The best strategies against Jackals are to try and shoot areas unprotected by the shield, which are easier to hit when they are in motion, or to use the alt-fire of a plasma pistol to drain the shield and then switch to another weapon while it cools. Like the Elite's shields, a drained Jackal shield will recharge over time. Jackals with drained shields, like Elites, will also often retreat and take cover while their shields recharge. Grenades can be effective against Jackals, especially when used behind them where their shields do not protect. The Halo 2 manual refers to Jackals as "excellent shots" and indicates they have higher status than Grunts.

Grunts (Unggoy)

Grunts (Unggoy) Grunts are Covenant "cannon fodder" according to the books, and make up the bulk of their ground forces. Despite their all-too-often retreats in Halo 1, the novels describe them as almost heroic in their persistence. In Halo 1, Grunts wielded plasma pistols or needlers, and often carried plasma grenades. SpecOps grunts, wearing black uniforms, also carried Fuel Rod Guns similar to those that Hunters have molded into their arms and the alternate firing mode for the Banshee. (The Halo PC manual reports them using plasma rifles but not needlers, but I believe this is an error, as I have definitely seen them use needlers but never recall seeing one use a plasma rifle.) Normally grunts are orange or red. Red ones seem to be tougher, and may be Grunts Major, similar to the major/minor divisions seen among Elites and in several kinds of enemies in the Marathon series. Grunts are usually only dangerous in groups, and tend to congregate near stronger units such as Jackals and Elites. The Halo 2 manual indicates that when an Elite is nearby, Grunts are less likely to flee, but will panic when faced by "superior forces".

Drones (Yanme'e)

Drones (Yanme'e) The insectoid Covenant Drone can fly and uses a variety of weapons. Frankie in particular made mention of them using weapons like the Carbine and sniping from high areas, but advised players to attack them in the air because they're even more dangerous when on the ground. Weapons with recoil, like the SMG and the battle rifle, are expected to be more effective than others against drones because the recoil will help track overflying units. The Halo 2 manual refers to Drones' ability to fly as "limited", relying on anti-gravity assistance, but also says they use this ability to gain an "almost insurmountable strategic advantage." Thanks to BOLL who extracted the image from Halo2.com.

Elite Major

Elite Major

The Elite Major, or red Elite, is the strongest type of normal Elite, excluding camoflauged Elites, which are normally weaker, and SpecOps (black) Elites, which are usually stronger. The Major/Minor nomenclature continues the tradition from the Marathon series.

Grunt Unmasked

Grunt Unmasked

This maskless Grunt is probably in a methane environment, hence no need for an air mask.

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