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new proof (i think) that the mc is not the only spartan

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reply to the moron

if u read "The Fall Of Reach its says MC over-heard a conversation about dr. hasley starting a new spartan project, u must have mist it or something

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u need to read

Dude if u had read the books u might know about the 77 othe spartans in the SPARTAN II program.

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I did

I did and if u remember THEY ALL DIED!! :p

Anonymous (not verified)
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Can't you people read?

[b]Read the books for fucks sake. So much silly speculation over videos and stuff. All the info you want is in the books. Read between those lines, not the resolution lines of a video.


Anonymous (not verified)
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it is 100% proven that there are 3 others besides john. that is old news.

Anonymous (not verified)
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Question about BOOKS

In the First Strike, it mentions something about Cortana finding information that Colonel Ackerson stole from Dr. Hasley. He took information about the armor and she picked up a file CPOMEN5354 or something like that, he also had. I believe Colonel Ackerson took Chief Petty Officer Mendez and made him his own spartan. He's probably going to use his own spartan against the one's Dr. Hasley created because he hated them so much. What do you think?

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More SPARTANS is a yes

The only spartans destroyed were the ones aboard the Pillar of Autumn, not the entire project. It is inevitable that there have been more spartans created, especially since Master Chief got UPGRADED spartan armor. So, there is a new class of spartans, and while they may not appear in Halo or Halo 2, they do exsist. Besides, there was an entire class of Spartans before Master Chief as well (he is a SPARTAN-II). If you don't believe me, read your Halo instruction manual. Furthermore, in Halo one even, Marines were always calling out when you rescue them "Look, a Mark five!" And, uh, sorry, Rampant AI, Halo 2 isn't out yet. Please excuse me if my info on the conversation here was off, I only read a couple comments. jizzonwizzon, good deduction skills. As for First Strike... the books are more of extra based-off things, I believe. Like the Star Wars Jedi Apprentice Novels.

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More official than that

Well, the authors had access to the Halo Bible, and Bungie approved their content-- I'd say the Halo novels are more official than that.


Rampant for over five years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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Blah blah blahblahblah!
The "Spartan-1's" are the anchient(sp?)Greek spartans, you know, from Sparta!!!!! The Spartan soldiars (from Greece) were possably the best warriors of the anchient world, so I guess the SPARTAN-II's were named after them. See what reading gets ya? BTW, this is my first post(Not that anyone cares...).
Anonymous (not verified)
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The ODSTs are a highly-trained branch of the UNSC's Marine forces. As their name implies, they are dropped from an orbital dropship in individual capsule/lifeboat modules that protect them from re-entry heat, although just barely (earning them the nick-name "Helljumpers"). Once through re-entry, the module is discarded, and a parachute opens up to allow the ODSTs to land safely. They have no augmentations like the Master Chief, nor do they have powered combat armor; but they are very well-trained, and are seem to be better equipped than the standard marine grunt.

The ODSTs make their first apperance in the Halo game universe in Halo 2; however, in the official novelization "Halo: The Flood," there was a contingant of ODST troops stationed aboard the "Pillar of Autumn," as a part of the original mission of the "Autumn;" to raid and capture a Covenant vessel in order to find their homeworld.

They are also mentioned in the official prequil novelization to Halo, in "Halo: The Fall of Reach."

Anonymous (not verified)
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Yes there are more spartans, read halo first strike...

there are i think 3 other spartans, linda, will and i think his name was josh

Anonymous (not verified)
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Read the books. There are st

Read the books. There are still atleast 5 Spartans still alive:

John (MasterChief)

Read the books and you will learn alot more about the game.

Halo: The Fall of Reach
Halo: The Flood
Halo: First Strike

Eric Nylund deserves serious props for what he did with his two books. I think they are freakin AWESOME!!!

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Of course

of course there are more spartens

Anonymous (not verified)
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The book are a completely different story line.
Aside from the first and second books, the first being believable because of it can't be challenged, and the second being the actual game, the third book is purely a different storyline. If you watch the special edition DVD that came with the game, the author of the game's storyline, not the storyline of the books, explicitly stated that the elements in the last book were simply too complex to be adedd into the game's story. For example, the existence of other spartans. Nylund's book is very interesting to read, but if you're going to stick with the game, stick with the game's story. Also, if you remember anything about the book, the Covenant was massing a huge armada to take out Earth, who's location had been discovered. This fleet, of course, was destroyed when Master Chief detonates the reactor on the Unyeilding Heirophant. Now, if you actually listen to Cortana on one of the Earth levels, you'd notice that she says something like "I don't think they expected us to be here, not you and I....humans....on earth... That would explain why their fleet was so small" So it can't be the same story. I would suggest either reading the first and second books and then follow the game, or be prepared to have seperate storylines to take care of.
Anonymous (not verified)
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Halo books
I think those books are good, especially The Fall Of Reach. Its also cool how the author of The Flood show the Covenants perspective for once. There all good books.
Anonymous (not verified)
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There were more...
there were more spartans, but the all supposedly died when Reach fell. Read the books.
Anonymous (not verified)
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yo retard ever read the book "halo" it says there were like a hundred spartans and most of them were killed on reach as it blew to shreads by the damn covenant"alien"!!!!!!!! idiot
Anonymous (not verified)
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more spartans!!!!!!!!!!!
there are more spartans like 4 or 5 read the frikken books one is taken with docter hasley the others go back to earth or somthing like that
Anonymous (not verified)
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MC not only Spartan
If one reads the Halo novels one will find out that the Master Chief was the leader of a group of about 30 Spartans. The Master Chief was separated from his Spartans when the Covenant attacked Reach; he fled to Halo installation 04 while his Spartans stayed on Reach. At the end of the third book, which takes place right before "Halo 2", the Master Chief returns to Reach and discovers that a few of his Spartans, as well as the doctor who created them, have survived. They eventually manage to make thier way back to Earth. Why the Master Chief is the only Spartan in "Halo 2" I do not know. Perhaps one will find out why when the following novels and "Halo 3" come out.
Anonymous (not verified)
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there is more spartans
dude if you read the book there was hundreds but when the covenant attacked reach where the spartans were stationed all of them were wiped out besides the chief if you do know this sorry to be captain obvious but people are stupid
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And if YOU had read Halo: First Strike, you would know that there are a few Spartans that survived Reach and are with the Master Chief as he goes to Earth, including Linda and a few others. In other words, there are still spartans alive during Halo 2, they are just not featured in the game. I don't know why eveyone is arguing about it... just read the books! P3A!Z 7I3 73KW!ZA70K
Anonymous (not verified)
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defied logic
As ever we have 8 year olds arguing the points they dont understand (either that or migrancy is taking its toll). Once you've finished your education, kiddies, you can argue with the big men about whatever you want to.


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