Gladiator Evolved Released!!!!

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Gladiator Evolved Released!!!!

After about a month of hard work, my movie Gladiator Evolved is finally out. It's on the front page of HBO and ready for you to download now, in both Quicktime and WMP9! I'm going to put up the permalink too:

Gladiator Evolved is a complete recreation of the opening battle of Gladiator. It is a war between the Roman army (spartans) and the Germanians (elites). The movie uses full audio from the movie and also has great sound effects. In the words of some MPRRS reviewers,
-"This may be the single best video to ever pass through the MPRSS."
-"That was the greatest match-up between audio from a movie to Halo I have ever seen."
-"Woah. This is definitely how a war machinima should be made."
-"I just handed out the highest rating I've ever given on a MPRRS piece -- 98%."
-Louis Wu: " might be the best recreation of a movie scene in the Halo engine I've ever's absolutely, positively worth the download."

Enjoy the movie, and leave feedback!

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Sorry I didn't see this, or I'd have promoted it to the front page. If you post items as blog entries, I'll see them more quickly-- or else email me at when you've posted.

Nice movie-- very well done!

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