Cold Fury

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The Covenant Ship

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The human carrier

This map was inspired by Kapura's Trisault gametype. With that said, I think that there aren't enough maps that take advantage of the Trisault gametype.

Cold Fury features two ships, one for each team. The attackers' ship is more of a platform for the two hornets. The flag spawns here in two-flag games. Below this floating ship are one scorpion, two warthogs, and the rest of the human base. Inside the base, there is a teleporter that transports you to the floating ship, another to the rocket spawn (it is in the same general area as the original), and another teleporter that is blocked (more on that later). There's a bubble shield, two battle rifles, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle in the base.

Like I said before, this map is inspired by Trisault, and thus there are three bomb plant points. The first plant point is in the middle of the map, underneath the metal arch. There is cover for the attackers, and a turret for the defenders. Attackers only have one minute to plant the bomb here before a box spawns on top of the plant spot and denies you access. Expect a vehicular slaughter here, unless you obtain the spartan laser and use it well. Remember where the spartan laser usually spawns on this map? Inside that room, if you go through the shield doors, there is a crate sitting on top of a few explosives. Chuck a grenade, and when the crate flies away, the aforementioned blocked teleporter in the attackers' base is now open and ready for use.

Now here's a point of interest. On the defender's side, if you go up the mancannon next to the rocket spawn (again, it is in the same general location as the original layout), you can aim your trajectory into a floating sniper perch. There, you will find something to hide behind, and a sniper rifle to pick off attackers trying to advance on bomb plant point 1.

Bomb plant 2 is located within a heavily defended fort. The same sniper tower that was just mentioned can also be used to pick off attackers advancing on the fort. Also, attackers will have to go pass a respawn area to reach the fort. Bring a shotgun, it'll help a bit. As this spot is obviously harder to attack, attackers have 3 minutes from the start of the round to plant a bomb here.

Bomb plant 3 is inside the floating Covenant ship. It is located on the chair inside the "bridge". There is no time limit to assault this spot, so attackers can take their time. Now, to get up to this ship, there are three ways. The most obvious way is to get a hornet and fly up there. Another way is to use the four movable (in forge) mancannons positioned on the ground. This will only work if you go in the mancannon that is facing directly TOWARDS the ship. The others will only catapult you vertically in the air and they will not take you to the ship. The third way to get up there is to use a gravity lift situated next to a mancannon that is part of the Avalanche's geometry. Go up the gravity lift, and if you do it right, the mancannon will launch you towards the ship and you should land on it. The third way is the trickiest way to get up there. Inside the ship, there are two plasma grenades and a mauler.

The covenant base is just like the human base. There are guns, powerups, and a teleporter in there. That lone teleporter in the Covenant base takes you to the rocket spawn and to the mancannon that launches you into the sniper tower.

Weapons included:

Battle Rifle
Sniper rifle
Machine gun turret
Spartan laser
Rocket launcher
Covenant carbine
Brute spiker
Brute Shot
Fuel rod gun
Beam rifle
Plasma cannon
Frag grenade
Plasma grenade
Fire grenade

Vehicles used:

Scorpion (x1)
Warthog (x2)
Hornet (x2)
Wraith (x1)
Banshee (x1)
Prowler (x1)
Chopper (x1)
Ghost (x1)

Some techniques I used:

Object respawn alterations

Gametype can be found [url=]HERE[/url]

I give credit to Kapura for creating the concept of Trisault L. The only things I changed are the gravity (to make those mancannon jumps possible), BR start, and a couple other small things.

Here's a slideshow of pictures:

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