Never far from a firefight, always a place to run. Odalisque was designed with mobility in mind. Although the map consists of three levels, you'll never waste time looking for a way up. The ground floor offers the most cover with corridors and walls protecting you from high ground fire. The second floor is perhaps the most exposed, though the two sniper rifles and two needlers will give you plenty of reward for your risk. The third floor is sparse, consisting of catwalks on opposite walls and two double-boxes flanking the very center of the map. There you will find your greatest advantage, though no position on the map is ever too safe.

Small bases at each corner provide safe spawn points, as well as obvious objectives in objective-type games.

Though there are two sniper rifles, two needlers, two maulers and a rocket launcher on this map, the symmetry and geography of the map hopefully prevent excessive camping. If you lose it's not because of bad map design but bad strategy. Or so I hope. Let me know if I've succeeded.

Walkthrough Video (Slot 2)
When GeeVee Grab goes back up, I'll post this video on YouTube or something.


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