assault rifle
battle rifle
brute shot
plasma rifle
sniper rifle
bubble shield
Starting map: 
Combat Overview
A symmetrical map great for all gametypes and fit for long and close range combat. 100% Original.

DISTANCE: This human training area in Voi was designed to get soldiers ready for long and close range combat. 1-16 players.

Distance is a map designed for all gametypes. It works perfect for FFA games as well as Team Games. Distance was designed to foster 2 different playstyles. Long, and close range. It is completely symmetrical, perfect for competitive play in all gametypes.

With two different main areas, there is a lot of combat. Two main platforms are seperated from each other and branch off from the red and blue bases. There is another area which houses the active camo and a bubble shield on top. Inside each of the two main platforms is a tunnel system with 4 different entrances. If you are more skilled at close range, this is where you want to be and where you want to attack from. Neither play-style is overpowered in this map, and both work effectively.

Reccomended gametypes:Team Slayer, CTF Classic, Single Bomb

DISTANCE has been play-tested and has undergone tweaks to maintain the best gameplay possible. This is the map for everything, and everyone.

When you download it, let me know how you like it! I'd love to see films too.

Comments and Criticism are welcome. If you download, comment please!

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