[b]DISTANCE: [/b]This human training area in Voi was designed to get soldiers ready for long and close range combat. 1-16 players.

Distance is a map designed for all gametypes. It works perfect for FFA games as well as Team Games. Distance was designed to foster 2 different playstyles. Long, and close range. It is completely symmetrical, perfect for competitive play in [b]all gametypes[/b].

With two different main areas, there is a lot of combat. Two main platforms are seperated from each other and branch off from the red and blue bases. There is another area which houses the active camo and a bubble shield on top. Inside each of the two main platforms is a tunnel system with 4 different entrances. If you are more skilled at close range, this is where you want to be and where you want to attack from. Neither play-style is overpowered in this map, and both work effectively.

[b]Reccomended gametypes:[/b]Team Slayer, CTF Classic, Single Bomb

DISTANCE has been play-tested and has undergone tweaks to maintain the best gameplay possible. This is the map for everything, and everyone.[/b][/i]

When you download it, let me know how you like it! I'd love to see films too.

Comments and Criticism are welcome. If you download, comment please!