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Haunted hallways change the structure. 6-12 players.

About this map:
Deception is a medium-sized, symmetrical map. There is a main hallway that connects to both bases, to a side hallway, and a side room. This main hallway is the only way to go between bases. At the ends of the hallway there are two-way teleporters that can make the trip shorter. In the middle of the hallway is an Overshield on a 3-minute respawn timer. The side hallway is really a staircase. At the top of the stairs there is a teleporter which takes you down to the side room.
The room has two dumpsters to either side of it's entrance. There is a Brute Shot inside and a teleporter that sends you into the main hallway's two-way teleporters, but they can't send you back. The bases are oddly-shaped, but they are spacious. There is a back hallway that connects to the main hallway from the ends, allowing you to take a longer, but less direct route between bases.

Gameplay Tips:
Having a Battle Rifle is useful, but a Shotgun can clear corners better.
Spike grenades are limited, but Frag and Plasmas are easy to come by.
The Brute Shot will take care of pesky campers in niches.
Knowing how the teleporters work can help you find cover.
The Deployable Cover is a great way to turn the two-way teleporters into safe haven—or a death trap.
The stairs is a great place to camp from, but it's easy to be smoked out.

Every gametype is supported, but these are the most enjoyable.
· Slayer - Team Slayer
· Oddball - Oddball
· Capture the Flag - Multi Flag
· Capture the Flag - One Flag
· King of the Hill - Crazy King
· Assault - One Bomb
· Assault - Neutral Bomb

Click images for full view.

The main hallway.

At the top of the stairs looking down into the room.

From the room looking up the stairs.

One of the bases.

The back hallway.

Capture the Flag.