My Feet Burn!!!

Short Description- Fast paced King of the Hill, free-for-all, hills explode. Lots of laughing, flying ragdolls, and burning feet!

This map is meant for a crazy king free-for-all game type. There are 3 hills which are put directly on top of "Hot Zones." The only way to get time and win this game is to put yourself in extreme danger of being blown to bits. There are no weapons/equipment on the map. Weapons and length of hill cycle is to be determined in the quick options. I recommend short range weapons to keep the game close and fast paced. Fusion/propane tanks respawn in 10 seconds making for lots of explosions. Check out the screens and please rate, post feedback, and give me suggestions.

My favorite thing to do is punch the fusion cores when I'm about to get killed and take out everybody else with me. And If you get the timing just right the propane tanks in hill #3 will spawn and explode continuously for minutes on end. GOOD TIMES! I've been wanting to try this one out with Grav-Hammers but haven't gotten around to it.