Dark Tower

This level is based on the duality of open-spaces and close confines. You'll find yourself rapidly switching between the two in this map. Half of the time you play in the labrynth, which is claustrophobic and full of close-range hijinks, but a dark tower allows access to a second story, which is wide open and plays with long/mid-range weapons.

Something I think is unique and fun in this map is that the long-range weapons useful on high ground are located deep in the maze, and similarily, the close-quarter/melee weapons useful in the labyrnth are gaurded atop the tower. It therefore encourages player circulation as snipers must venture into the melee to retreive their weapons, and corner-fiends must first get out into vulnerable sniper territory before getting their weapons. It balances things out.

The weapons are plentiful but most of them have very limited rounds. This encourages weapon circulation, where you must constantly be changing weapons and strategies as your ammo quickly runs out.

This map is unique because when you are below in the labrynth, it feels like a large, high player-count experience, but when you are above it, it seems fit for only a handful. For these reasons, I'd say this works well with a wide range of 4 - 12 players.

Play it. See if you like it. Rate it. Thank you. Enjoy!