Rebar Creek

Hello. Ive spent the past two days working on this map, it is a remake of beaver creek. The setup is the same, as well as the weapon placement. Ive used bridges to remake the rock formation with the rocket launcher, and have remade the sniper perches using stairs and walls. The bases themselves are similar to the original, with the exception being the lack of underground passageways and entrances, but this is v.1 so I am looking into fixes for that. as far as new stuff, I have placed 2 spikers beneath the sniper perches, placed 1 bubble sheild in the center of the map, and placed 2 spike grenades at the very base of the rock/bridge formation. Let me know if you think those are decent additions. I even found a way to keep the windows on the sides of the bases. Ive spent alot of time working on this map, even more going back and forth on halo 2 and figuring out spawn points and hill locations and stuff. and I hope that you will take the time to download it and give me constructive feedback that helps me make it better. Feel free to add me to your friends list.

Here is a link to various screenshots showing the bases and the map off. Sorry I forgot to put this in before.
[url=http://] d&gamertag=IceEagle85[/url]

I spent alot of time working on all the gametypes so that you wouldnt spawn in the marked off area or anywhere weird, which is something everyone should remember. You need to have a few starting points, not just respawn points, and remember to go through every gametype and delete the stuff that pops up in your blocked off rooms. So far everyone ive played with has enjoyed this map very much.

Also I couldnt get the weapons tab to work on this page so the none option is what I chose. The weapons are all the originals from the beaver creek version of the map. I also Added in 2 spikers on each side, some spike grenades and a bubble shield. Everything else is accurate.