Carystus TL-34

In Greek mythology, Carystus was the son of the good centaur Chiron.

Due to the limit in two-way portal sets, the small size of Foundry, and the tight budget, only five of the nine rooms from Chiron were recreated. However these five rooms are as exact as possible, with at least three of the rooms connected to each other exactly as the original.

Only the weapons available in the original map are available in this remake. Grendades and the Shotgun are the only weapons in their original locations. Compromises had to be made with the rest of the weapons, as some rooms that they were originaly exclusive to were left out. The Plasma Rifle is in the same room as it used to be, but moved to the ground floor to make room for the active camo.
The rocket launcher has been placed in an out of the way location and may be difficult to find at first. It does not spawn at start either.

The shotgun and rocket launcher are two rooms apart, and the active camo and overshields powerups are two rooms apart, to try to keep things balanced. Most rooms hold a weapon and four grenades.

One can hide behind teleporters just as in the original, and also the shotgun can be reached from the first floor.

As the map is only half the size of Chiron TL-34, it is recommended for four players. Oddball and King of the Hill can also be played on this map.