Winnamucca- My Wizard/Warlock

Description: Winnamucca is a remake of Wizard and Warlock. It's a little smaller that the originals but is as accurate as it's going to get in Foundry. I had to take some liberties in making the platforms in front of the bases and the center structure but over all it's very good. It's a very fast paced map. The weapon placements on the map are the same as Halo 2, besides 1 Spike grenade because I had $1 left! This map is ready for Slayer and King of the Hill. I forgot to create team spawn areas for CTF and Neutral Bomb however the map is set up for them also.

I will update the map at a later time but for now it's plenty ready for playing. Tonight my friends and I played rockets. It took me back to rockets on Wizard. Good times! The last four pictures are from the game.

Feedback and ratings are appreciated.



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