This is a remake of the map turf, details are on the post, screenshots in my fileshare and gallery


I played your map for a few minutes, and I really thought you did a good job with recreating Turf. The only major problems I saw were the Gauss Hog and turret, which seemed way too powerful. In Halo 2, it was much easier to take out a Hog with grenades, while in Halo 3 it seems nearly impossible. The turret is also way to overpowering in the large area by shotgun/hog spawn because there is little to no cover. I'm really just letting you know because I loved the map, and those two issues were the only things that really bothered me. Nice Work!


wow, yeah your right about that, i didn't even notice that it was a gauss hog. my local link was canceled this week so i didn't get to show this one off or even play on it. i'll replace that and update the map as soon as i can

thanks for the feedback

the version of astro turf available in my fileshare is fixed to have the gatling hog

We probably need a link or at least a gamertag in order to know how to get to your fileshare.

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Sorry that was me i forgot to log in, Gamertag Evil McDarkness