Symmetric Bliss v2

[b]Symmetric Bliss v2[/b]

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[b]Map Description:[/b]
Symmetric Bliss was created with team play in mind. Everything on the map with the exception of the power drain powerup is exactly symmetrical.

There is a good mix of long range, mid range, and short range weapons per side. Additionally, there is a good mix of long range, mid range, and short range encounter spaces as well.

This map has been setup to work well with the following gametypes:
-Team Slayer (strong emphasis)
-One-flag CTF (this should work very well)
-Multi-flat CTF (One-flag would be better)
-King of the hill (this should work very well)
-Territories (I'm really excited to try this)

Each side has the following (except the Power Drain, which is just in the middle):
[i]-1 Sniper (located right outside the "base" shield door, behind the big wall)
-1 Rocket (located at the very end of each catwalk)
-1 Shotgun (located in the middle of the tunnels area)
-2 Maulers (one inside the "base", one between the catwalks/ not right beside each other)
-1 Needler (located inside the interior hallway)
-Plentiful BRs and a few less Carbines
-A few dual-wield combinations
-1 Man Cannon positioned underneath the catwalks; it will shoot you over the tunnels area directly in front of the opposite side "base"
-1 Invisibility powerup (located on top of the tunnels)
-1 Bubble shield (located below the Sniper on the ground)
-1 Regenerator (located in the tunnels)
-1 Gravity Lift (located under the catwalks)
-1 Power Drain (there is not one per side, only one located on the ramp to the catwalks)[/i]

As you can tell, I've put a lot of thought into what would make a good team-focused symmetrical map. I feel this map works really well and if tweaks are needed...well that's what's so nice about The Forge!

Please Download/Rate/Comment/Enjoy!