[quote]After the first sightings of the Covenant, huge numbers of new marines had to be trained to combat the imminent threat. Many training facilities such as this one were quickly built. After the war finished, they are left as they were created in honour of humanity's fallen soldiers.[/quote]

Basically a small symmetrical team-based map. Major features include isolated bases with a tunnel and shield doors to enter each one, a couple of mancannons on top of each 'base tunnel' which lead to a turret with a controlling view and a couple of fusion coils and a wall between each base with a bridge over and a couple of small gaps to get through. Should work for pretty much everything except territories, though I haven't had much chance to playtest it.

Please download and comment - constructive criticism and cries of "It's awesome!" are all welcome :) I don't think it's possible to get out of the map, but a couple of stairs and a gravlift is provided if you do. It's only really an advantage for oddball, anyways.

Ball's Eye View
Ball's Eye View
Obligatory soccer ball - also showing one of the base entrance's mancannons and the turret truck in the distance. The wall and bridge are in the middle.


Should be pretty powerful on this map.

Turret Truck

Also powerful, but watch out for those 'cores! :)

Above the Base Entrance

Showing the base and half a bridge.

Base entrance:

The shield door's mostly there to stop a team getting pinned down inside their base.

The actual base:

Bit of an anticlimax really ;) The bases are really simple.