Combat is done solely within the confines of the central area of Rat's Nest with the exterior regions blocked off to all exploration. Teleporters on either side ensure that movement around the map is quick and painful. To balance this however, there are hallways on either inside corridor that provide a modest amount of shelter. These "shelters" come stocked with a slim amount of weaponry and a shield door to help protect the only entrance to the room. Power Weapons are located in the middle of the map and there are three of which to control. Devastatingly powerful, the Spartan Laser is located on the Central Bridge. The Shotgun, quick and intimidating, is located outside in the middle of a barricaded area makeshifted out of crates. Finally, deadly accurate is the Covenant Energy Sword, located on top of the section of pipe in the uppermost room. Please leave me comments and tell what you think of the map. It is my first creation so please forgive if it is not all that you would have hoped.