Airship Battles (Version 3.0)

Unlike it's earlier version, each ship is now fully explorable. If you spawn below, there is now an elevator to take you up top, and vice versa. Below deck is a hall that leads to the elevator grav lift, and one that leads to the mancannon. Each hall is connected by a weapons room, where you will find an SMG, two spikers, and a mauler. Up top is the Banshee, missile pod, and assault rifle ammo, as well as a Battle Rifle and Plasma cannon. Taking the ramp near the Banshee, you head down to the hall where the Carbines are, and the dropoff that leads to the Mongoose and Gauss Warthog. To defend the ships, there are bubble shields and deploy. covers to protect the ship, as well as the missile pod and the laser that is below the ship. Many weapons are placed around the map, some outside, some inside. Take a look, there is much more to discover about Airship battles than can possibly fit here!
There is a chopper too, it wasn't an option in the above choices. Just pointing it out.