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The New Things in Halo 2

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The New Things in Halo 2

After watching the Halo 2 E3 Demo several times, I noticed some things that I thought were a bit odd. Also, some of these things mihgt have been explained in Halo: FoR, but I haven't read that so keep in in mind.

1) The Battle Rifle the Chief uses ressembles the Assault Rifle except it fires single shots correct? Wrong! I beleive that the Battle Rifle is similar if not identicle to the M6D Pistol. The only difference is the shape of the weapons and hte sounds it makes when the shots are fired, but hey, its still cool.

2) After the Longsword Bombers destroy the Covenant plasma cannon thingy (What's that called BTW?), the Chief and the Marines move out and start moving deeper into the city. Remember when one of the Marines tosses a grenade at the group of Grunts and that one Jackal? When the MC goes in, they are shooken up and rather dazed, not killed by the grenade explosion. My reaction...What the...

3) Okay, that Cruiser the MC was making his way to, Cortana said it took two in the nose and dropped into the atmosphere. My question was "WHY?" It wasn't like the Cruiser crashed, it just landed like the Truth and Reconciliation did on Halo. So what's the deal?

4) People have probably wondered why the Phantoms and the Covenant tanks (the ones in the demo) weren't in Halo 1. Well I offer a possible explanation, maybe the Phantoms and the tanks are used in urban assaults such as one human cities to reek havoc versus open enviorments such as on Halo. Oh and by the way, my theory on how the Covenant got to Halo before the PoA was b/c they were already there and found the Flood and stuff before the humans arrived. Since they made that contreversial "blind jump," they ran into the Covenant at Halo.

5) Suddenly, the Grunts seem to be able to pilot Ghosts!!! Something that they never did in Halo under any cirumstances! Pretty amazing lol. Oh and that Covenant tank thing, the Grunts are on the Shade Gun on top, but the Shade doesn't fire the same kinda lasers it did in Halo 1, but then again the plasma pistols shoot differently anyway.

6) Also, why were no elites or hunters present? They would have been great to attack the very vulnerable human base. The Hunters could have blasted them away while the elites fire the plasma rifles. The Elites suddenly rained down on the city later in an unknown form (were they in cryogenic or what?)

7) Well from the looks of the trailer and demo, Earth looks pretty doomed. So how is it that the game is suppose to include anohter Halo ring, the Flood, and levels on a Covenant homeworld? It may be an interesting plot twist as to what the hell happens, but it doesn't look like the Chief's leaving Earth anytime soon.

That's all for now...

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Re: The New Things in Halo 2

in response to what sgn87 wrote on Wed, 12/31/1969 - 20:00:

I agree with what you said about the battle rifle. It does look like more of an improvement on the pistol than on the assault rifle.

On the grenade's effect on the grunts-- perhaps this is an indication of a new level of complexity in Halo's AI. Already, units like Grunts behave differently in different situations-- attacking sometimes, retreating in others. Maybe taking damage from grenades causes an effect similar to killing an Elite-- it causes a temporary retreat.

On the Covie cruisers-- I'm guessing there are ways for those to be disabled, but still land in a controlled manner, and that this applies both to the T&R and to the unnamed cruiser in the E3 demo.

On the Phantoms and Covenant tanks-- including some vehicles actually shown at E3 by Bungie-- in the year *2000* that is, not 2003-- I don't think it has as much to do with Covenant military strategy as it does with the fact that, within any given amount of time, there are only X number of vehicles, characters and locations that a development team is going to be able to finish within the confines of their standards of quality. I think that some of the "new" items in Halo 2 are items that could not be finished within Bungie's (admittedly high) standards of quality for the original release. Bungie's standards of quality in these terms has been high throughout their history; this is demonstrable in similar items and themes that were originally developed for Myth 1 and Marathon 1 but which did not fully come to fruition until those games' sequels.

No Hunters? Not sure. My guess is, they wanted to impress with a mix of new and enhanced items-- hence the presence of Brutes, but no Hunters. Your guess is as good as mine.

Is Earth doomed? Is there more than enough work for him on Earth to span one whole game? Probably so; I agree that there is probably some interesting plot twist in store :)

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Re: The New Things in Halo 2

i also agree on the battle rifle. but if you look @ it that way, what are they gonna do w/ the pistol?

grunts & gernades: maybe they've added a new set of gernades: flashbangs, or something similar... that would cause some intersting situations...

on tanks & such: i agree w/ narcogen... these things take time. but who cares? they put it in now!

i noticed that also, there being no hunters @ all & elites untill the very end. i'm guessing they did that cause it's a demo, and would've taken to long if they added those guys in.

plot twists? yay! bring it on! who cares if Earth is doomed... as long as the story & game are good (which they undoubtably will be)

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