A Mill Stand-In?

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A Mill Stand-In?

As most of you know by know The Mill is closing it's doors. Certainly this makes things more difficult for the myth commununity, but all is not lost.

Some of you already know about uDog Hotline (hl.udogs.net), but I figure there are at least just as many of you that don't. It has over 4.4 gigabytes of myth related material and because some very talented map makers hang out there, it also happens to be a great map making resource.

I won't pretend like it's any kind of mill replacement, it doesn't have quite as much content or any of the meta-content like ratings, descriptions etc, and the bandwidth limitations might even be a little bit worse, but it's something. And everyone is welcome to make use of it.

For those of you that aren't familiar with hotline, it's a client-server system that supports resumable file transfers, news, and chat. You can download a hotline client at the uDog Hotline Website

Hope to see you there,