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Here's a list of links to items about the Fanstock event held in August at Gearbox Software's headquarters in Plano, Texas. HBO by Louis Wu Subnova by Shishka Battleground: Halo by Dark Helmet by Steve Rampancy by Narcogen (info courtesy Steve of /


This about the warthog launch it .how do u get all of those grenades

First, you get the grenades either by meleeing other marines or your cooperative play partner.

Second, why ask about Warthog Launch on an article about 2003 Fanstock?


Rampant for over five years.

yea i liked your summary n all but i just want to no is there going to be a third halo and that being said will their be more than three?

when i first saw how Truth left Mercy to die, i was shocked. to me, its very, very disturbing. why do u think he did that? some say that Truth simply hates Mercy, and others say that he did this to be the last Prophet to carry out The Great Journey, thus ruling the entire Covenant by himself. Others say that Truth did this because Mercy was already infected ("who wants an infected Prophet on their ship anyway?") what do u guys think about this?

What makes you think Truth is interested in anyone but himself?

He certainly left Regret to his fate-- and, I believe, if the MC had not killed him, Truth might have. Cortana suggests as much.


Rampant for over five years.

does anyone else think that there should have been more that 2 levels on earth. I do it would have been alot cooler if you had been able to get aboard regrets carrier

Lots of people think that. Heck, perhaps even MOST people.


Rampant for over five years.