Awsome Game, Bad Weapons

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[quote]But what about the Carbine? It's ONLY GOOD AGAINST GRUNTS![/quote]

Thats not really true. Sure, it's [i]effective[/i] against grunts, but if you get headshots it's pretty much effective against every other enemy too.

Haven't you experienced the Jackal Valley of Death? When fired accurately, the carbine is just about equal to the Battle Rifle (though I always opt for the BR if available, just to stay in character :)).

[quote]The Spiker is great dual-wielded. It makes life harder when you only have one.[/quote]

The simple answer to that would be not to single wield it. You cannot reasonably expect a gun which was clearly designed for dual wielding to be effective standalone? Thats crazy.

[quote]The rocket laucher is good for anti-personnel. It sucks now for moving vehicles, due to the fact they took out the "Lock-On" ability on it.[/quote]

I partially agree with this. The Rocket Launcher is very sparse throughout the campaign, so theres not many portions where you can experience this short coming.

It doesn't render it completely useless though, as it still has to power to destroy something when it's hit. All it means is it's harder to shoot aerial and fast moving targets. Then again, thats what the Missile Pod is for...

[quote]And finally, the plasma pistol is only good when you charge it.[/quote]

Now this just strikes me as grossly misinformed. Have you ever seriously used the Plasma Pistol in the campaign? It saved my ass when I was stuck in a jam with no ammo and an abundance of Grunt corpses. Dual wielding them allowed me to pummel a Brute Ultra on Legendary, without the usual scenario of dying by Brute Shot as I'm killing him.

It's been significantly beefed up from Halo 2, when the only function of it was the dreaded 'Noob Combo'. It can not even be used for mid-range sniping, and taking out Carbine Jackals from afar when you're stuck without a BR or Carbine.

Dont forget now the the plasma pistol can now power down veichles long enough so you can jack it or stick it. Also in close combat usually one charged shot and a whack should just about do it for other Spartans, Brutes, Jackals,and Elites. The Brute Spiker has a good melee against certain combat forms. Carbines are good for noobs who are learning how to snipe because of the fast fire rate and headshot kills (when shield is down). Rocket launchers I agree pretty much suck unless the vheicle is up and personal, charging, or flips and/or goes flying when you hit the ground beneath it, but seriously the rocket launcher is plain rigged with lock-on,Missle pods aren't because they reduce speed (okay maybe a little rigged).

Again, about the rocket launcher, It has occurred to me before that it does suck trying to shoot moving vehicles,but it all depends. Ground vehicles are tricky, but shooting in front of the vehicle always helps, and it's best to get warthogs on tight turns (which some maps have a lot of). Banshees and other flyers, don't even try, unless it's landing. But I like the rocket launcher and try to keep one with me a lot, because of the radius it has on the ground when shooting people. So I kind of agree with that statement, but when you get into it a bit more, It really is not that bad.

They removed lock on for rocket laucher because they added the missle pod and the spartan laser which had an infinite speed, so it hits anything in its path

So what? There wasn't a lock-on ability on Halo:CE, so we learnt to use it without one. When Bungie added in the feature, it means people lost the ability to use the SPNKr with no guidance. When it dissapeared again, no-one could use the launcher on its own.

To be honest, the lock-on ability is a bit of a n00bie path, as anyone can use. I remember the old days when you haad to lead a shot by 10 meters to hit the damn Banshee. Now? People just don't want to know how.