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KillerMac has posted a tongue in cheek parody of Bungie's site, outlining what one might say is the 'worst case scenario'. An excerpt:

4/16 - Bill Gates tells WWII: Recon mapmaking group to package Internet Explorer with their plugin or he will destroy them

If the MS-Bungie thing still sits uneasily with you, you may want to pass this one up. But if you do go, be sure to take a look at the roll-over on Bungie's logo... hee!


Bit out of our usual scope, but beggars can't be choosers. Kudos to rhino, who pointed out a news item at Firing Squad detailing another purchase of a gaming company by Microsoft. The company in question is NetGames USA--a bit of background nipped from the full news item:


Torn shamelessly from Noc's news post on RHL (yes, we actually have real news there sometimes, if you look hard enough):

Everyone wish Chris Butcher a happy birthday!

(For those of you who don't know, he used to be a member of this fan community, he organized two Myth World Cup events and then became a programmer at Bungie West.)

Have a good one, Butcher! And if you stray onto RHL, we'll all have sing a round of Happy Birthday for you... ;)


Sibrax rules. Soon has been updated with the long awaited Redmond Riot chronicles, a few hundred screenshots and wry commentary taken from the night (and day after) the Microsoft announcement. The hilarious, 20 page report can't be recommended highly enough--definitely worth checking out, especially if you were there that night.


We've got a few items to report on other sites in the Bungie fan community today:


We are a little late in reporting that the Marathon's Story T-shirts are now NOT available for preorder. Hamish posted a FAQ to the Marathon's Story page:


First reported by HBO, there is a poll at


You'd have to be significantly disconnected from the gaming scene in the last month to not be aware of what has been going on. After participating in discussion over the issues and giving the matter some thought, I posted my own editorial rant on the matter to our forum. For those of you who know how large some of my forum posts can be, I created a less-detailed but more to-the-point condensed version.