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If there should be a New Halo 3 weapen what would it be?

If there should be a new halo 3 weapen what would it be? *Please dont say sum super ultra mega beer bottle that makes chief the supreme ruler of the world (cause thats my opinion) lol jk*



Don't think there was much risk of anyone else suggesting that :)

As much as it would be heresy, I'd always wanted to see a gravity gun-style weapon in Halo.

I realize it's totally inappropriate, but... I just like it.

Rampant for over se7en years.

super ultra mega beer bottle that...oh wait :)
a gun that makes mini-chiefs appear, or mini-elites, whatever you're playing as...
or a portable teleport device

I have seen games where weapons try to out do other weapons by adding abilitiies. How about a gun that disables the targets sight, or ability to shoot, carry a weapon for an amount of time or something that is truly important, but not health. Maybe a slow gun or something like that. That would be great in a CTF match!

Human Knife. Chemical Grenades. Arc Blaster. Airstrike Gun like in Gears of War.

The Man with the Master Plan-k3n60thehalokid

Orbital Bombardment Beacon.... or perhaps an explosive charge that you could plant and detonate when enemies come near.

An MA5 or BR55 variant with a grenade launcher. or maybe just a human grenade launcher. It would be great for dealing with grunts and jackals

Hmm.... Alien's Pulse Rifle or Smartgun. Unreal's 8-ball rocket launcher or Shock Rifle. Or a Brute Shot that fires those Halo 3 Flame Grenades. Yeah, I like that idea.

A melee shovel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A mini MAC gun

Re-introduce the Sentinel Beam, Beam Rifle, and Carbine Rifle to Reach. It's not exacty new, but whatever.

I think there should be a covenant spartan laser, like a focus rifle though
An Elite Laser.