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Halo 5: Advent (String Orchest... cwhiterun 06.07.16
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Roll Call - Price Paid pimpnmonk 06.02.14
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shadeslayer's blog

The alto sax solos from "Rain". The first two bits are separated by a 1-bar rest, but they should actually be multiple bar rests, just listen to the recording to figure out when to come in. The piano accompaniment can be found here:, and here:


This is an extended part not found in "Another Rain". Benjamin Bergem's transcription can be used for the rest of the song: After the second "all alone" alto sax solo, insert this music, and then cut back to "Another Rain". Finale Notepad wouldn't allow me to have two bass clefs in the staff, so the top line is in treble clef, but should be played an octave lower (8vb).


This is the theme from the announcement trailer for Halo 3: ODST. It's my first arrangement so I'm sorry for any mistakes/inaccuracies which there probably will be. I transcribed it using Finale notepad 2005 which doesn't allow me to change key or time signatures in the middle of a piece so that's why the entire thing is in 6/8 and F-minor. The sax part can be played on piano if you want, but just remember to transpose it down (the notes are A flat, G, and C in concert pitch). Feel free to fix it and change whatever you want to make it better.