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Oh sweet lordy, why did they go and do that?

Well... I get the feeling something like this has happened before.......


Level 4 - Painting The Town Red

Stubbs The Zombie: Insane Walkthrough

Alright, let me start of by saying that if you are on insane, you are screwed. Go home. If you are already at home, leave. This level scared me away from the game (and these walkthroughs) for a long time, but now I am back to save those of you stalling here. My apologies, but I wasn’t doing much better. I made it through the level in a couple of hours while writing this guide, so it should be doable. Good luck, and thanks to hawk for inspiring me to go back and face my fears.

A year already...

Stubbs and I, a year ago... approximately (don't tell him I forgot) began a quite intense relationship. It has been good, although in the beginning I questioned his commitment. He has provided me with hours of love, and I, in turn have attempted to explore is world as throughly as possible. Yeah, his 4th level is so disablingly hard that I have to look like an idiot with only 3 levels of a walkthrough completed after a year... but I won't give up. You have to work through some difficulties in any good relationship. Happy (belated) Birthday Stubbs, I hope we have many to come! (Hopefully I can keep up on a complete playthrough on your birthday every year. Those are fun!)

Level 3 - The Slammer

Welcome to level 3: The Slammer. Unfortunately, I don't really like this level. It is pretty short, and not too interesting. The parts that are meant to be great fights end up being a little too easy, and retracing steps is always a no no in a game (except for Resident Evil and Tomb Raider... I still don't know why anyone likes them). Here is how to beat level 3, although there is less strategy needed than there is shooting accuracy.

Also, if you notice a lack of lovely 800x600 captured content, my apologies. My capture card is fubar, and to the extent that it likes to drag my whole computer down with it. So for now, no more nice pictures, but if I ever get the chance, I will go back and old ones.

A side note to the rest of you: I hope you read this guide incorectly, and that in doing so, you have trouble beating the level.

The Slammer

Kill all of the prisoners! Once you leave the lineup room, there will be three detectives. I usually just fart, because it is embarrassing to die this early on in the level. Right out of the lineup room, go right twice (into the room for viewing the lineup). Just to the right of the door is the first of what seems to be very few hippos in this level (Commentary 1). Push your zombie army (should be about 6) into the next couple of rooms to help clear out the cops.

Click "read more" from the front page to read the entire article.

Wave Goodbye

Even more people can wave goodbye to their social lives, apparently starting sometime early next year. Various news articles seem to be under the impression that the Alex Seropian's Spectrum MediaWorks', (a company which I was unaware of) next project is an MMO callec X Quest. The basic premise of the game is interaction with a FOX reality show, although the description is a little too ambiguous to say much more than that.

Level 2 - Bleeding Ground

Here is level two. I mean to get these done quicker, but school is hectic, as well it should be. I know I am getting my moneys worth. These end up taking me quite a while, because I finish the level every time I play through the whole level, but only get a percentage of the walkthrough finished. Then on the next few rounds through I have to play through the start of the level again. The problem is that I can't just rush though the level, especially not the Sod-O-Mobile bit. There is always something that catches my intrest, and keeps me playing for a while, most often seeing how high I can jump up a wall does it. This one includes links to commentaries. Thanks to Wideload Games dot Org and the guy that captured them (Quicksilver I think).

Level 1 - Welcome to Punchbowl

Welcome to punchbowl, and welcome to my walkthrough of Stubbs the zombie. This will get you through the whole game on the insane difficulty, and hopefully find all of the hippos on the way. Where needed, I will include screenshots, and maybe (but probably not) even videos. Enjoy, as soon as I ask permission, I will link the recordings of the commentaries to their respective hippos.

Boo Friggidy Hoo

Wah wah, Halo 2 is only going to be for the Vista.

And Xbox, and Xbox 360. God forbid Bungie not allow us to buy every one of their products. After all, baby-Ts don't "run" on my "platform" (yeah, yeah, sorry) but you don't see me whining. Especially not if the same product at a close to equivalent quality exists right where I am. Its not as if the existing fan base is being alienated. Sure there will be new map abilities and a few other little hooks, but if you really want the game, you go and buy yourself a copy of windows Vista.

Stubbs sounds?

This forum post got me pretty excited ( 3rd post down of course Eye-wink ). If my workload would ever let up (looking like summer by now), I was planning on trying to record as much dialogue as possible, with one or two specific targets.

Needless to say, I would be more than willing to pay for this content. On top of that, the use of the word "wacky" is nothing short of exhilirating. Or is it sarcastic?

Either way, the Stubbs Barbershop/dialogue CD will be one to blast from my car stereo.

Wideload's next?

A couple recent conversations, and this article got me wondering what Wideload might be doing next. Unfortunately, I am not the most informed person out there, so all I can do is talk about what I would like, and one possiblity mentioned in the above interview.

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