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Looking Back *Original Composition

Audio icon Looking Back.mp32.98 MB

Hey guys, this is a song I made called Looking Back. It conveys pretty much what it says, kinda of a bitter sweet "remembrance" of the Halo Trilogy.
Hope you all like it!
I'll be posting up the sheet music in a bit.

[b]Medium:[/b] Piano
[b]Difficulty(1-5):[/b] 3

[b]Included files:[/b]
- mp3 performance [i](Looking Back.mp3)[/i]
- sheet music COMING SOON

[i][b]The file should appear below. (Remember, you must be registered to view and download attachments.)[/b][/i]



Where's the mp3 file? I don't see a download link anywhere.

You need to register as a member.

that sounds really good! how do you get the really realistic string sounds? Just a super good keyboard?

The realistic strings are possible thanks to the new set of patches I just recently got: the [url=]Vienna Symphonic Library[/url].
I need to fine tune the ending though, I did it in a rush.

Do you enjoy torture?

Putting out music and making us wait for the sheet music...

I'm starting to hate you, lol.

Yes. actually.

Haha jk, I'm sorry man.

oh my gosh. that is amazing. seriously. do you have any idea when the sheet music will be available?

PS: man. you are so talented. i envy it lol

thanks for the tip on the realistic string sounds! I cant wait for the sheet music either! just hope it comes soon! same with the sacred icon improve too.

realy realy realy realy realy realy realy beautifol cant wait for the shet music (and midi file :D if possible)

once again....i envy you...

but. do you think it would be possible for you to convert any of this for a full band?


Is it me or is any one else getting tired of waiting for churchill's sheet music. Which is totally awesome by the way

still waiting ...... still... we want music! we want music! we want music! and midi file :D!!

ok why is everything here in pirates talk ??¿? wtf lol

why is everything here in a weird pirates talk...???¿?
wtfomgrolfpimpshawlol ..... ok..?


Can't wait till the sheet music comes out!!!

Sorry guys, with school up and going -I've been busier than ever! I'm taking 21 hours plus marching band!! ugghhghg

I know this is probley violating a site rules but what region do you live in I'm wondering because I'm in marching band, too. So I might possibly see you at competition

I'm in North Carolina, I go to Western Carolina Univ.

You're in marching band at WCU? You may know Richard Huffman (mellophone) or Adam Morris (trombone) or LB Faulkner (don't remember), then..

hah yeah I know them! How do you?

pleaaaase midi file !! :D ur so awesome, must play thet song!!1!

I'm in marching band too, but I'm all the way down in Florida :(

midi :D?

What grade piano r u in? Must be high.

P.S: Please post sheet music soon.

all that i can say is . . . wow, what a display of true genius and mastery of music

Very nice piece of music, i love the piano at the start (L) when's the sheet music coming, i need it haha

wow this is beautiful cant wait for the sheet music

It sounds very nice! I can't put my finger on it...but it does feel like I've heard it before somewhere...hmm. Oh well great job!

yeah, the end of it is from part of a Halo track, I just added it to my original piece to lengthen it a bit.

Honestly this talent isn't fair lol. You should contact Martin O'Donnel or sumthin because I really think they would consider your work because this is beyond what any normal person can do. You have Talent for writing music and continue to do it and you will definitely go places.

this is just awesome. i have no doubt you will one day become famous. i have one question, do you think you will put up your sacred icon improv sheet music in our life time? XD KEEP MAKING GREAT MUSIC

that is really amazing. i just talked to my music teacher not long ago, and shes working on getting some of my compositions and arrangements published. you should definitely ask your teacher too.

I'm gonna come back like everyday until that sheet music comes out.

I'm pretty damn sure that if you were to apply for a job working with Marty O'Donnell at Bungie on future Halo Soundtrackss and you brought this you would get the job almost instantly. Great Job!

please put up the sheet music! it's killing me not having it

I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!! so awesome.It is great. :)

I wish the sheet music was out for this, you've written an amazing piece.

very haloish

i praise this piece! good job!

Absolutely beautiful! Did you record this with an orchestra or did you use Finale?

I recorded it all in Logic, all virtual instruments.

Do you know when we can get the sheet music?