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Halo 117 Transcirption Request

I finished transcribing it but i need someone to make the sheets cause well i suck at that. Here are the 2 parts so if anyone interested ill send him the midis

Halo 4 343 Vidoc Midi

Yep 1st heres my attempt to recreate the song ...

(Jafet>Jafetator )

So if anyone would finish the sheets i actually dont have too much time to make them but anyway the midi is only for piano on an easy version.Feel free to modify it or fix it

And my tutorial of the Midi



Request Through Your Hoops.

Well i already know how to playthis song.Just need someone to transcribe it.
Heres the sketch:

NOw i need someone that can transcribe it.If yes leave your email so i can send you the notes without my touch n the song.

Birth Of A Spartan Piano Sheet Music

Finally, after several months, here they are. I based it on this song:


I don't know if they're right; I'm new at doing sheet music.

I'll add the MIDI file later.


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Request - Torch and burn piano/ Incomnnicado

i love those songs i have torch and burn frome ear but isnt complet

Request - Sword Control Traffic Jam

Iknow traffic jam isnt in the game but please someone

Request- Sword Control Traffic Jam

Iknow traffic jam isnt in the game but please someone

Request - The Package Sword Base piano

Request The package Sowrd Base piano:Iwould like the sheets for these 2 songs please i love those songs and im making corrections of Tip of the Spear (for Piano) from jarps in my zip will be the full orchestra and the drums

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